The International Institute for Innovative Instruction

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Teaching and learning in the 21st century is a global, collaborative activity. The International Institute for Innovative Instruction is a global change leader in the development of learners, educators, and leaders who have innovative thinking about teaching and learning and to empower them to lead their organizations toward transformative change. The vision of the Institute is to be the center of excellence in innovative instruction. This includes providing opportunities to develop and support learners, educators, and thought leaders to be equipped with 21st century skills and to address the extensive challenges in the 21stcentury through innovation, collaboration, and research. It enables members of the Institute to be global leaders in innovative instruction and to actively pursue and achieve scholarly and mentoring activities that impact the field of education, instructional design, and interactive media, and to advance practice in teaching effectiveness, assessment, and learning technology, to develop educators to meet the needs of the 21st century, to employ frameworks, to impact diverse learner populations across all cultures, to develop design practices that are informed by research, data-driven, and apply best-practices.