Center Resource Repository

The Center Resource Repository provides faculty members the opportunity to learn more about best practices in teaching. The resources are divided into categories that align with Franklin’s teaching evaluation instruments and serve as a way to promote critical self-reflection and just-in-time teaching advancement opportunities to meet development needs as they arise.

You can search these categories by subcategory or look for a specific resource by using the search feature on the right hand side of this page.

A Memo to My Students as the New Semester Begins

Sample memo used to encourage active student participation in their upcoming learning experience

BlueQuill: Subscribe to the BlueQuill channel on YouTube

Link to the BlueQuill channel on YouTube where you can subscribe to be notified of BlueQuill updates

BlueQuill: Add objects to the Repository

Instructions on how to add an object to the Repository 

BlueQuill: Copy a rubric from one object to another

How to save time by copying a rubric from one object to another 

BlueQuill: Copying from one object to another using SOURCE CODE (Urbana)

Instructions on how to copy the contents of one object to another by copying the Source Code

BlueQuill: Create a Quiz

Instructions showing how to create a quiz using the Assess tool

BlueQuill: Create a Rubric

Instructions on how to create a rubric within an assignment object

BlueQuill: Entering Grades into the GradeGrid (Urbana)

Step by step explanation of entering grades in BlueQuill GradeGrid

BlueQuill: Faculty Training Overview

Outline of BlueQuill terms, tools, and editing features

BlueQuill: Hiding Objects (Urbana)

Step by step instructions on hiding objects in BlueQuill

BlueQuill: Submitting FINAL Grades in BlueQuill

Instructions on how to submit final grades into BlueQuill

BlueQuill: Using the Activity Grid and the HUB

Instructions on the use of the activity grid and the HUB in BlueQuill

BlueQuill: Using Tools (Urbana)

Step by step explanation of the use of BlueQuill tools.