Center Resource Repository

The Center Resource Repository provides faculty members the opportunity to learn more about best practices in teaching. The resources are divided into categories that align with Franklin’s teaching evaluation instruments and serve as a way to promote critical self-reflection and just-in-time teaching advancement opportunities to meet development needs as they arise.

You can search these categories by subcategory or look for a specific resource by using the search feature on the right hand side of this page.

BlueQuill: Hiding Objects (Urbana)

Step by step instructions on hiding objects in BlueQuill

BlueQuill: Submitting FINAL Grades in BlueQuill

Instructions on how to submit final grades into BlueQuill

BlueQuill: Using the Activity Grid and the HUB

Instructions on the use of the activity grid and the HUB in BlueQuill

BlueQuill: Using Tools (Urbana)

Step by step explanation of the use of BlueQuill tools.

Classroom Teaching Tips

General tips on teaching in a face-to-face environment

Contrasting Classrooms: Instructional Differences Between Pedagogy vs. Andragogy

Understanding the differences between adult learners and traditional students is critical to successful instruction.

Discussion Guidelines

This information sheet is a copy of the discussion guidelines used in Franklin courses.

E-Learning Industry

Website that provides excellent resources, with the option to subscribe for free weekly emails

Effective Email Communication

This handout from The Writing Center at UNC provides information on how to use email more effectively.

eLearning Leadership Blog

Blog posts and resources from a large community of learning professionals, with the option to subscribe for free emails

Establishing Teacher presence - video

Before you even open your mouth to begin your lesson, your posture, body language, and expression are sending clear messa

Faculty Focus Blogs

Higher Ed teaching strategies from Magna Publications

Feedback Resources

Review these resources on the important topic of feedback!

Feedback: Meaningful learning through one-on-one conferences

How timely 1-on-1 conferences can provide meaningful feedback and feedforward

First Day of Class Activity: The Interest Inventory

This Faculty Focus article provides instructions on how to use an Interest Inventory activity on the first day of class t

Five Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms

This article provides five practical ways that online instructors can build community in their online classrooms - ways t