Interactive Learning

Juice Mogul

Market environment game

You are an entrepreneur who sets up a small business to provide fresh and healthy beverages to the public. Through the different stages of the game, your decisions will change as your operations grow. Your ultimate goal is to maximize your profits and learn about pricing strategies, market equilibria and strategic interaction.

U.S Criminal Justice System

Connectivity of the subsystems

This online tool allows the student learner to experience the interconnectivity of the various subsystems within the criminal justice system. With multiple ways to navigate through the process, emphasis is placed on the nonlinear relationships between law enforcement, courts and corrections.

Dollars & Sense

The complete financial planning game

The learner takes on the role of a financial advisor to four clients, each with their own unique situation and specific goals. Guide them through their lives with sound financial advice and decision-making. How you choose to navigate them through their life events will factor into their financial success or failures.