INST 580 Doctoral Teaching and Advising

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July 22, 2018

Course Description

This course is designed to strengthen methods in both teaching and advising. The course challenges participants to examine the professional doctorate degree, explore the doctoral programs available at Franklin University, survey the expectations of the professor, advisor, and student participating in the doctoral programs at Franklin University, and investigate the important processes involved with the doctoral program at Franklin University. In addition, this course also explores current research regarding communities of practice in general and specifically about the benefits and barriers of developing and sustaining communities of practice for doctoral students. 

Course Outcomes 

  1. Differentiate between the Ph.D. and professional doctorate degree.
  2. Explain the processes and unique features of the doctoral programs at Franklin University.
  3. Explain the expectations of the professor, the academic advisor, the faculty advisor, and the student in the doctoral programs at Franklin University.
  4. Explain best practices for the role and significance of a course within the program.
  5. Guide a student towards a track that best meets the student’s needs.
  6. Explain the value and benefits of CoPs to students.
  7. Explain and apply principles of effective communication with students.
  8. Foster critical reflection and dialogue appropriate to the doctoral level.
  9. Provide substantive, actionable and timely feedback.
  10. Assess student work with grading rubrics

Only Lead Faculty may register students for INST580. Please direct any questions to Dr. Brandy Bagar-Fraley at

6-week online course to prepare doctoral faculty and advisors