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Instructional Coaching (INST540)

Instructional coaching is a vital element in student-centered instruction and helps instructors to better serve students, continually evolve and transform their instructional practices, and set meaningful goals. Coaches at Franklin University engage in a specific coaching subset called dialogical coaching, especially suited to the University's mission and values, and this course will help learners to both understand and execute that formal coaching process. This course will certify learners as Franklin University Instructional Coaches (ICs) who will collaborate with and enable coaching recipients (CRs) through a series of methods and processes to continually grow in their practice and offer students a high-quality learning experience.

Length: 3 weeks (averages 4-6 hours per week) Online​

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Compare different approaches to instructional coaching in the broader coaching context.
  2. Situate instructional coaching and coaching opportunities within the faculty life cycle.
  3. Successfully complete the instructional coaching process.
  4. Construct an individualized coaching profile.

Contact Dr. Brandy Bagar-Fraley to learn more about nominating or requesting a coach.