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Instructional Practices Coaching (INST540)

Instructional Practices (IP) coaching is an innovative approach to faculty development involving one-on-one coaching to improve individual faculty members’ teaching practice. IP Coaches serve as both support resources and collaborators for faculty seeking to develop or enhance their teaching prowess. IP Coaches provide structures for identifying a faculty member’s teaching strengths as well as areas they would like to strengthen, and then work with the faculty member to implement processes to make those changes. Coaches also provide feedback, model excellent teaching, and help with the setting of teaching performance goals.

The coaching relationship is a partnership. Coaches listen to their faculty members to understand and ask clarifying questions rather than persuade. Coaches are then better able to function as collaborators in a faculty member’s instructional practices development process.

Any Franklin faculty member who meets the following criteria is eligible to become an IP coach:

  • Nominated by a Lead Faculty 
  • Three years of teaching experience, with at least one year of teaching experience at Franklin
  • Overall positive student evaluations with instructor scores of 3.0 or higher
  • Positive faculty observation with scores of 3.0 or higher
  • Successful completion of INST 601 or INST 602 faculty development course – both course are offered for free online through Franklin  
  • Successful completion of the training course, INST 540: Instructional Practices Coaching

INST540 Course Description: During this course, participants will develop skills and knowledge in Instructional Practices (IP) Coaching. Coaching skills such as listening, responding, visioning, and goal setting are included. Participants will become familiar with the Franklin University IP coaching and faculty observation processes.

Length: 3 weeks (averages 8 hours per week) Online​

Course Outcomes:

  1. Analyze the role of the Instructional Practices Coach.
  2. Develop/strengthen coaching skills.
  3. Implement the IP Coaching Process.
  4. Participate in coaching focused community of practice.

IP Coaching Opportunities At Franklin?

IP Coaches support faculty in developing skills such as reflection and goal setting. For example, a new faculty member may feel that they would like to engage their students more deeply as they present content to the class. A coach would support them in identifying ways to engage students and developing strategies to implement this change.

Contact teaching@franklin.edu to learn more about the IP Coaching Program.