Academic Programs

Systematic instructional design has been a key differentiator for Franklin University since 1998. Thus, the Institute’s graduate academic programs are a natural extension of Franklin’s experience and leadership. Since 2011, the Instructional Design & Learning Technology (IDLT) program has prepared Master of Science degree students to systematically analyze learning and performance problems, design appropriate solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of those solutions in the disciplines of instructional design (ID) and performance technology (PT).

With the launch of the Doctor of Professional Studies in Instructional Design Leadership program in 2017, the Institute now offers a practitioner-oriented doctoral degree that prepares students to lead and manage instructional design at strategic levels to identify and meet ever-evolving learning needs. Both of the Institute’s academic programs use a proven theory-to-practice learning approach that prepares Instructional Design Leaders to assume critical roles within various organizations.   

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design

M.S – Instructional Design & Learning Technology

DPS – Instructional Design Leadership