Center for Teaching Excellence - Faculty Development

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) provides course offerings that are designed to inspire and support educators. These courses provide practical application using research-based best practices. In addition to our course offerings, CTE also provides new faculty members with Instructional Practices coaching through their first course teaching at Franklin and is committed to cultivating teaching excellence through measuring teaching effectiveness. For more information on classes and faculty development provided through the Center for Teaching Excellence, please select from the following:

Instructional Practices Courses (This page provides information about faculty development courses offered by the CTE)

Instructional Practices Coaching (This page provides information about the coaching program coordinated by CTE)

Teaching/Advising Doctoral Courses (This page provides information for faculty interested in serving as an instructor or advisor in a doctoral program at Franklin University)

2018-19 CTE Schedule of Courses (Click to open a PDF of the upcoming events sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence)