Center for Teaching Excellence Overview

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is to promote a culture committed to continued advancement of best practices in pedagogy across the Franklin University enterprise. To accomplish its mission, CTE provide thought leadership and operational support by partnering with faculty and administration in the following areas:

  • Recruiting highly qualified faculty
  • Facilitating faculty credential compliance
  • Training new faculty members 
  • Coordinating training for observations of teaching faculty
  • Providing coaching opportunities for new faculty members
  • Utilizing data to make informed decisions related to faculty development
  • Offering faculty development courses to promote the advancement of research- based best practices in pedagogy
  • Promoting excellence in teaching through hosting annual professional development events
  • Celebrating teaching excellence through awards and opportunities

In keeping with its mission, the vision of CTE is to apply systematic and standardized approaches that lead to data-informed decisions related to teaching qualifications, engagement opportunities, robust faculty development support, and the celebration of teaching excellence.

The approach of CTE is to optimize advanced technical capabilities and collaboratively construct comprehensive teaching evaluation processes in order to establish meaningful metrics related to faculty qualifications and performance that lead to actionable insights and demonstrate the quality of instruction across the Franklin enterprise.

CTE also collaboratively works with the Faculty Development Committee of Faculty Senate to construct meaningful support opportunities for part-time faculty.

For more information, please contact Dr. Meghan Raehll, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at:

If you are a member of the faculty at Franklin University, please visit our Franklin Community SharePoint site to get answers to Franklin University specific compensation and policies questions.